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Come and learn all about nutrition in vegetables! This website is designed by The World Vegetable Center's Team to publicly share our nutrition data and interactive tools for educational and research purposes. 


In our Phytonutrient Data section, you can find phytonutrient information of over 400 vegetable entries from around the world. The data are collected from over 15 years of analytical research conducted at the Center's nutrition laboratory. Plant information and recipes are included to broaden your knowledge and usage of the vegetables. 


The Interactive Learning section features informative and fun tools to apply nutrition information to real-life situations. Design your own nutritious home garden with the MyVegGarden. Use MyVegBasket to find out just how healthy your vegetable choices are. Choose a meal and find out their nutrient content with the MyMeal game.


Publications and nutrition information on vegetables are available to be downloaded in the Resources section. Nutrition Information showcases phytonutrient descriptions and data for common and indigenous vegetables, including Taiwanese Amis vegetables. We have included Recipe Books on how to prepare delicious and nutritious vegetable dishes. Teaching and Promotional Materials provide printable resources such as teaching reference books, factsheets and posters on the health benefits of vegetables, balanced meal planning and gardening for nutrition. 


About AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center 


World Vegetable Center, an international nonprofit research and development institute, is committed to alleviating poverty and malnutrition in the developing world through the increased production and consumption of nutritious and health-promoting vegetables.


For more information about World Vegetable Center, visit www.avrdc.org